Meet Dani McGufficke.

Licensee for Realty Lane Beachside and Riverside, Dani is an integral team member of Realty Lane. After 22 years in different areas of the property and real estate industry including reception, property management, trust account management, sales administration, executive sales assistant, business operations; Dani has progressed up the challenging corporate ladder to executive status and is now a key figure at Realty Lane with a strong focus on business growth, including acquisitions, team support nurture and compliance.

Recognized nationally for her excellence and business management, Dani has succeeded in creating an efficient system made up of 3 key ingredients:

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Education

Communications are at the forefront of how she works in a real estate business. Dani ensures the team know exactly what their roles are and what is expected of them within the company, which she believes is paramount to successful results and is a benchmark of her executive style of people management.

Motivation is an inclusive strategy; which generates a strong sense of empowerment within the team, establishing firm boundaries for everyone to strive for excellence within the company. Dani collaborates with and learns from the people she works with, utilising the expertise of her fellow team members and thus effectively creating teams within the overall business.

Education is the key to powerful forward movement within Realty Lane and as such Dani encourages personal and professional development as a key indicator to great success, whether it be podcasts, webinars, conferences and CRM software. In this uber-competitive industry, it is vital that we find ways to improve our personal knowledge; daily.

Realty Lane is very fortunate to have a woman of Dani McGufficke’s calibre at the helm of the business operations and looks forward to many more years of upward growth as a direct result of her work ethic and passion for her chosen profession.

With Realty Lane and Dani McGufficke… it’s possible.

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