Meet Doug Terry...

Realty Lanes’ very own Videographer and Content Creator, Doug Terry made the move into video production from a background in commercial radio. Dougie’s zeal for content creation combined with his outstanding skills enabled him to turn his sideline into a career and he’s never looked back!

At Realty Lane achieving the best for our clients is the most important part of what we do, and with Doug Terry this does not differ. Dougie’s passion for creating exceptional content is demonstrated through his work, his incredible skill in video capture, production and content delivery make him an fundamental part of the Realty Lane team.

Although an incredibly chilled out guy, Dougie is not often found sitting still. When he’s not out practicing his landscape photography you will find him in the gym training for his next powerlifting comp – “I feel lucky in that my passions both compliment my work – the landscape photography gives me practice at scene exposure and light manipulation that (believe it or not) does improve my shooting results for RL properties – and the powerlifting makes it easier to carry my camera gear around!”

With a busy but flexible work schedule, Dougie always finds time to spend with his wonderful partner and two dogs while always learning new skills and techniques to constantly improve on his videos and content!

With Realty Lane and Doug Terry… Its Possible.

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