Meet Matt Rocca...

The man behind Realty Lane’s award-winning Finance department – Matt Rocca boasts 12 years of experience in finance, having dedicated the better part of the past 4 years to Real Estate Finance with a particular talent for assisting clients through the purchase of their home and residential mortgages.

A father with a young family, the flexibility afforded by his role to accommodate working from the office or home is something that he appreciates. With regards to the specifics of the role, for Matt it’s the fact that “it’s cool to get a broad view of people from different walks of life and how they can be assisted to achieve their home ownership goals… it’s very grounding.”

A man of many passions, his love of landing big Dhufish, taking the kids snorkeling and working with clients to achieve their home ownership dreams means that there are always memories to make and goals to achieve.

Empowered by a close-knit office environment and a collaborative bundling of staff expertise levels, with Matt Rocca and Realty Lane Finance… It’s Possible!

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